Advanced Open Water

Continue your diving adventure and expand your knowledge with the PADI Advanced Open Water course.  Now that you have learnt the basic scuba skills in the Open Water course, you can start exploring all the different activities you can do underwater and find what interests you the most.  Phi Phi’s warm, clear water and shallow coral reefs are perfect for practicing your buoyancy skills, improving your underwater photography and expanding your fish identification knowledge.

leopard shark phi phi

Leopard shark at Bida Nok, Koh Phi Phi


Course Structure:

The Advanced course consists of 5 open water dives, each focusing on a different subject/area of diving.  It takes 2 to 3 days to complete the course.  Each dive you do is called an ‘Adventure dive’: there are 2 compulsory ones (deep dive and underwater navigation) and then you can choose 3 more from the following Adventure dives:

AWARE Fish identification

Boat diving

Drift diving

Multilevel and Computer diving

Night diving

Peak performance buoyancy

Search and Recovery

Underwater naturalist

Underwater digital photography

Wreck diving

king cruiser phi phi

King Cruiser shipwreck, an old Phi Phi passenger ferry

When you sign up for the course you’ll receive a PADI Adventures in Diving manual.  This book includes a chapter on each Adventure dive above, as well as many others which we do not offer on here on Koh Phi Phi (e.g. altitude and dry suit diving!).  At the end of each chapter there is a page of knowledge review questions, which you will need to complete for each of the 5 dives you choose.  There is no exam or movie for the Advanced course.

hermit crab diving pp

Hermit crab at the dive site Hin Bida

Our boat does half day trips (2 dives and lunch) every day, generally leaving at around 9 am and returning at 2 pm.  All equipment and lunch onboard is included, the course is generally completed over 2 half-day trips and the 5th dive either being a night or shore dive.  After the course you will receive a temporary licence lasting for 90 days from your instructor, and in the meantime PADI will process your permanent licence and send it to your home address.

Leisure Dive Center now offers a new sunset dive trip which consists of 1 day dive, dinner onboard and 1 night dive.  This trip can be included into your PADI Advanced course schedule.

cuttlefish scuba phi phi

Cuttlefish at Viking, Phi Phi Leh

Interested in taking the PADI Advanced course?

Leisure Dive Center is located on Laemtong beach with PP Natural, Zeavola, Phi Phi Erawan Palms and Holiday Inn resorts all within 5 minutes walk.  Contact us here for more information or to book the course.  Our team of PADI instructors speak English, French, Dutch and German.

Before participating in the Advanced course, you will need to complete a medical questionnaire.  Read it here.