Anemone Reef

Anemone reef is located 55 minutes away from Leisure Dive center, towards Phuket.  This submerged pinnacle starts at 5m depth and descends to around 25m.  As its name suggests, the top of this site is packed with anemones (photo above) giving the appearance of the whole site swaying with the currents and water movement.  It is suitable for divers of all experience levels, with marine life including huge schools of snappers, giant and white eye morays as well as smaller creatures such as seahorses and ghost pipefish.

We usually combine this dive with nearby sites Shark Point and King Cruiser.

Interested in diving at Anemone Reef?

Leisure Dive Center a registered PADI resort store located on Laemtong beach, Koh Phi Phi.  PP Erawan Palms, PP Natural, Zeavola and Holiday Inn are resorts all within 5 minutes walking distance from our beach front dive shop.  Contact us here for more information or to enquire about a dive trip during your stay on Phi Phi island.


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