Bida Nok

Bida Nok is one of the most famous dive sites in the Andaman sea region.  Located south east of Phi Phi Leh, it takes around 55 minutes to get there from Leisure Dive Center.  This is a large site which can easily be spread over 3 separate dives.  Most divers begin their dive in the shallow 4m depth bay and make their way around the island in either direction.  From steep vertical walls to small outlying pinnacles and fields of soft and hard corals, this site is so large and diverse that it is sure to keep all levels of divers happy.

Swim along the sandy bottom outside the bay and spot camouflaged cuttlefish, blue-spotted stingrays and sleeping leopard sharks.  Dive along ‘finger reef’ amongst the densely packed gorgonian fans, or look for passing blacktip reef sharks in the shallows.

Bida Nok can only be dived in fairly good conditions (no high waves).  Leisure Dive Center visits this site once or twice per week, and combine the trip with a second dive on either Bida Nai or a site around Phi Phi Leh island.

Depth: 5 – 30m

Current: Mild – Strong