Fun Diving

We run daily trips for certified divers.  Our big boat “Chocktavee” generally goes out for a 2-tank dive trip every day from 9am to 2pm and runs single afternoon dives from 3pm-5pm.

The boat features an indoor cabin, sundeck, toilets and emergency oxygen.  It takes around 30 minutes to reach Phi Phi Leh, or 55 minutes for the Bida islands or Shark Point/ Anemone Reef.  It is licensed to carry up to 55 passengers, but we take a maximum of 15 divers on-board, ensuring there is enough space for everyone!

We take a maximum of 5 certified divers per divemaster or instructor, often less.  We aim to group divers of similar experience levels together ensuring everybody has the best underwater experience possible.  The dives are generally shallow around Phi Phi, average 15m depth, and we aim for 1-hour dives whenever possible.  Between each dive we have a 1 hour surface interval during which lunch is served on board, and customers can snorkel or just relax before jumping in for the second dive.

Private trips

If you have a specific time schedule or would like a private dive trip, we also offer diving on traditional thai longtail boats.  When conditions are good we can go as far as Phi Phi Leh on a longtail, otherwise we tend to stay around Phi Phi Don island.  We can take a maximum of 3 customers on board, and often stop for lunch on a secluded beach between dives.


Please check out the ‘dive sites‘ section for more detailed information on the dives around Phi Phi.