King Cruiser


king cruiser phi phi

King Cruiser shipwreck situated between Phuket and Phi Phi

Dive the King Cruiser from Phi Phi island

On the 4th May 1997 the King Cruiser, a car ferry operating from Phuket to Phi Phi, hit a submerged collection of rocky pinnacles (Anemone Reef).  The impact split the designated marine sanctuary and popular dive site in two… 17 minutes later it was under 30m of water.  All 561 passengers were rescued and safely taken to 2 police boats and 5 fishing boats.

king cruiser phi phi

The King Cruiser

The wreck sits upright in 32 metres of water and remains in one piece, although the forward upper deck has collapsed.  Penetration is safe and possible through different points, however it is recommended to take precautions and follow the advice of your dive guide.

The site is suitable for advanced or deep dive trained divers and the trip is usually combined with the nearby sites Shark Point or Anemone Reef.

king cruiser phi phi

Swimming through the King Cruiser shipwreck

 What marine life can you see there?

Marine life at the King Cruiser includes turtles, barracuda, trevally, moray eels, scorpionfish, lionfish, snappers, banner fish, groupers and occasionally even whalesharks and mantas.  Rare nudibranch can also be found clinging to the old shipwreck.

Interested in diving the King Cruiser?

Leisure Dive Center is only 1 hour away from this dive site using our comfortable dive boat Oceanic 3.  Our shop is located on Laemtong beach with PP Erawan Palms, PP Natural, Holiday Inn and Zeavola resorts all within 5 minutes walking distance.  We normally combine this site with Shark Point and/or Anemone Reef, both close by.  Contact us here for more information or to book a dive trip.

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Special offer:

If you are only Open Water certified but would like to dive at the King Cruiser, you will need to complete a PADI Adventure Deep dive first (read more about it here).  At Leisure Dive Center you can turn your King Cruiser dive into an Adventure deep dive for only 500 Baht extra!  You will get a short chapter to read before the dive and some questions to answer, before going on the dive with a qualified PADI instructor.  After the dive you’ll receive an ‘Adventures in diving training record’ verifying that you’ve completed a deep dive.  Keep this in your logbook and from then onwards you will be able to dive to maximum 30m depth, and you can credit it towards your PADI Advanced course at any point in the future.