Laemtong House Reef

Dive directly from the beach outside your hotel!  Laemtong beach has a house reef running parallel to the shore line, about a 10 minute surface swim out or a 1 minute long tail boat ride.

moray laemting dive pp

Reaching a maximum of 12 metres depth, it is an ideal site for beginners as well as underwater photographers.  Find nemo hiding in an anemone, morays, such as the white-eye moray in the photo above, hiding between the corals and schools of small colourful fish.  Unusual nudibranch and flatworm species can also be found here, as well as leopard sharks sleeping on the sand.

nudibranch phi phi island

The east coast of Phi Phi, where Laemtong beach is situated, is sheltered from the strong monsoon season winds which can occur between May and October.  This means that the sea here remains flat and calm during this time, so the Laemtong house reef remains diveable even when the further sites may be out of reach.

giant clam pp island

The house reef is also a great site for night dives.

Depth: 5 – 12m

Current: mild

Laemtong beach is located on the quieter northern side of Phi Phi island.  Holiday Inn, Zeavola, Erawan Palms and PP Natural hotels are all situated on this beach, and the PP Island Village Resort is located on the next bay down (Lo Bakao).  Leisure Dive Center is the oldest dive center on Laemtong beach and ideally located right next to the shore line in the center of the beach.  Our shop is easily spotted as it sits next to a large life guard tower.

We welcome divers of all experience levels, as well as snorkelers and non-divers who wish to join our trip.  For more information about diving with Leisure Dive Center during your next trip to Phi Phi, please feel free to contact us here.