Night Dive

Night Diving on Phi Phi Island

Night dives can be done on any day, we just need 1 days advance notice.  They are generally done as shore dives on the Laemtong house reef, or on the other side of the island near Laemtong pier.

Night dives allow you to focus on the tiny marine creatures often overlooked during the day.  Crabs, squid and lobsters are often seen, as well as free-swimming moray eels and stingrays.

With the right tide conditions and a minimum of 2 divers, we are also able to conduct night dives from our boat. Lana Bay is located 20 minutes away from the dive center and is a fantastic site for both day and night dives.

Join our new Phi Phi Sunset trip!

Leisure Dive Center now offers a late afternoon 2-dive trip which includes 1 day dive, dinner and sunset onboard followed by a night dive.  You can read more about the trip here.

We are running a special offer with this trip where for only B500 extra you can turn the second dive into a PADI Adventure Night Dive, which can be credited towards your PADI Advanced course certification.