Nudibranch identification

Different Nudibranchs of Phi Phi Island

Colourful nudibranchs can be found at all Phi Phi dive sites, with especially rare varieties mostly seen at Nui Bay and Hin Yung.

We will update this page as we find more new species so keep checking back!

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1. Chromodoris Fidelis

Found at Nui Rocks in 2010, size 10 mm

chromodoris fidelis nudibranch phi phi thailand

chromodoris fidelis nudibranch

2. Chromodoris Annulata

Found at Viking, Phi Phi Leh 2012 (2 nudibranchs together)

chromodoris annulata nudibranch phi phi

chromodoris annulata

3. Phyllidia Ocellata

Found at Palong, 2012

phyllidia ocellata nudibranch phi phi thailand

4. Phyllidia Varicosa

These nudibranchs are fairly commonly spotted at all Phi Phi dive sites.  This photo is taken at Mosquito island, 2012

phyllidia varicosa nudibranch thailand

5. Antonietta Janthina

One of our favourites!  This nudibranch is generally quite small at approx 3 cm long and it’s ultra-violet colouring gives it a glowing appearance.  Photo taken at The Statues in 2012.

antonietta janthina nudibranch phi phi

antonietta janthina

6. Phyllidia Pustulosa

The pustulosa nudibranch are fairly common at all Phi Phi dive sites, and range from tiny (3 mm) up to over an inch long.  Photo taken at Phi Leh Wall, 2011.

phyllidia pustulosa nudibranch phi phi thailand

phyllidia pustulosa 

Do you think there’s a mistake?

There are thousands of different nudibranchs around and they often look very similar.  If you think we’ve wrongly identified any of the photos above, please contact us so we can change it.

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