Phi Leh Wall

Phi Leh wall is located along the east coast of Phi Phi Leh island, and it takes around 40 minutes to get there from Leisure Dive Center, Laemtong.  Starting at the southern entrance to the stunning Phi Leh lagoon, the sandy bottom varies from 11 to 20 metres depth and the whole site can be covered in a single dive if there is sufficient current.

Phi Leh lagoon

The wall is covered with soft corals and barrel sponges.  Look in the cracks for little crabs and shrimp, giant morays and sleeping lionfish.  Stick to the sandy bottom to look for flounders, blue spotted rays and even leopard sharks.  There are also some caves (not recommended to enter without special training and equipment), and you can see turtles here too busily eating the bubble coral.

There are also some outlying pinnacles towards the end of the site featuring pristine corals and even rare stonefish.  Phi Leh wall is an excellent site for conducting a drift dive, and is also a suitable site for diving in low season (May-October) when the wind approaches from  the west.

Depth: 10 – 20m

Current: Mild – Moderate

Interested in diving Phi Leh wall?

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