Phi Phi Ferry Timetable

Getting to Laemtong beach, Phi Phi Island

Laemtong is on the north end of Phi Phi island, facing Bamboo and Mosquito islands.  The most common way of getting to Phi Phi is by ferry, with routes from Phuket, Krabi, Railay, Ao Nang and Koh Lanta operating daily (schedule changes between high season and low season).  All ferries stop at the main pier in Tonsai (Phi Phi’s main town).  However Andaman Wavemaster make a second stop at Laemtong beach after dropping people off in Tonsai, making it the most convenient option for those coming from Phuket and staying at Holiday Inn, Zeavola, Natural or Erawan Palms.  When the ferry arrives in Laemtong traditional long-tail boats will fetch you and bring you to shore.

If you are arriving from Krabi or another location other than Phuket, you have 2 choices to get to Laemtong: either a private longtail or the Andaman Wavemaster transfer boat.  A private longtail will take around 30-40 minutes and cost about B1000.  Otherwise you can jump on the Andaman Wavemaster ferry for the last portion of their route (Tonsai to Laemtong) which costs B200 per person.

You also have the option to walk between Tonsai and Laemtong, but this takes around 1.5 hours.  The path is clearly marked but we recommend only going in daylight hours and if it hasn’t been raining too heavily (the mud can get very slippery).

Phuket to Laemtong Ferry Times:

Departs from Rassada pier, only 10 minutes from Phuket Town or 40 minutes from Phuket International airport.

Morning:  Departs Phuket 8.30  |  Arrives Tonsai 10.30  |  Arrives Laemtong 11.30

Afternoon:  Departs Phuket 13.30  |  Arrives Tonsai 15.30  |  Arrives Laemtong 16.30

Laemtong to Phuket Ferry Times:

Longtail boats will take you to the ferry from your hotel reception (included in the ferry ticket price).  Be at the reception 15 minutes before departure time.

Morning:  Departs Laemtong 7.30  |  Departs Tonsai 9.00  |  Arrives Phuket 11.00

Afternoon:  Departs Laemtong 13.30  |  Departs Tonsai 14.30  |  Arrives Phuket 16.30

Laemtong to Tonsai (Phi Phi town):

You can jump on the main ferry going to/ arriving from Phuket for a transfer to Laemtong beach all year round, and in high season (November to April) there is also a smaller transfer boat running between Phi Phi town (Tonsai) and Laemtong.  The cost is B200 per person each way.  The journey time is approx. 30 minutes.

1. (Year-round)  Departs Laemtong 7.00

2.  (Nov to April)  Departs Laemtong 9.00

3.  (Year-round)  Departs Laemtong 13.00

4.  (Nov to April)  Departs Laemtong 14.00

Tonsai to Phi Phi Town (Tonsai):

1. (Year round) Departs Tonsai 10.30

2. (Nov to April) Departs Tonsai 12.00

3.  (Year-round) Departs Tonsai 15.30

4. (Nov to April) Departs Tonsai 17.00

For more information about the ferry schedules as well as private speedboat transfers  please contact us.